7 Hacks for Planning an Unforgettable Tented Wedding

When you think of summer weddings, you think about endless romance. The type of romance you can't contain in an indoor space. That (and the beautiful weather) is why most couples choose an outdoor venue for their summer wedding. One of the best and most romantic options is renting a tent. A tent is one of the most popular items for an outdoor wedding, no matter what your wedding theme is. If you dream of a romantic love story, here are seven hacks for planning an unforgettable tented wedding.

1. Rent on time

If you are considering having a wedding under a tent, choosing your tent should be done as early in the planning process as possible. If you are planning an outdoor wedding and are concerned about the possibility of it raining, there is a good chance that other couples have the same concern. Tent rental businesses only have a limited variety of tent types and sizes. Thus, it is imperative that you plan ahead to prevent incurring late penalties or not having enough inventory. It takes a lot of time and careful preparation to make a wedding under a tent into something outstanding. So, it is not something you should pull together hastily at the last minute.

A calendar.

A good rule of thumb when planning something as high-end as a tented wedding is keeping track of tasks on the calendar.

2. Choose a suitable tent design

Wedding tents come in various materials, designs, shapes, sizes, and prices. It is essential to consult with your wedding designer and planner so that you may choose a tent that has the appropriate aesthetics for the event you envision. Make sure it matches your flower design and all the crucial details. In addition, while deciding on the form and size of your tent, you should take into consideration:

● the number of guests

● the available space at the location

● the design aspects.

3. Take care of flooring

After the tent has been put up, there will be a significant amount of foot movement and dancing. So, your flooring will be severely stressed unless it's concrete. As a result, you should think about installing flooring inside your tent as part of the overall design. This is one of the overlooked things when planning an unforgettable tented wedding.

It's worthy of its price

Although it may be expensive, it's an investment worth making if you want to take your wedding reception to the next level and ensure that your guests have a good time. The most cost-effective choice that won't make you go broke would be to go with grass as your floor covering. Other possibilities include carpet, sisal, laminate, and even wood. You will also need to consider installing a subfloor so the ground may be leveled.

4. Conduct a sound check

Checking the decibel levels inside your tent may seem like a pointless activity. But, believe us when we say that it might mean the difference between a successful event and one in which everyone goes home with ringing in their ears. Create an atmosphere of joyous celebration by coordinating with your band or DJ to set the music volume throughout the event at a level that allows guests to converse easily while still enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

A DJ and his equipment.

Ask your DJ to conduct a sound check a few hours before the reception begins.

5. Make sure that the temperature is right

Tents may seem like the ideal option to shield visitors from the weather, but the situation may turn out quite differently if you don't give enough attention to planning and preparation. Nothing is more miserable than being cooped up inside a tent during the dead of winter and being able to see your breath or, on the flip side, during the dog days of heat and having no access to air conditioning. You may need to install air conditioners, fans, or heaters in your tent depending on the time of year and the event date to ensure your visitors have a pleasant experience.

6. Frame it with gable ends

Tents made of a frame with gable ends are frequently referred to as "losberger" tents. These tents have two flat, vertical ends, are quicker to set up, and prevent water runoff. Gable tents provide robust protection from the weather. Their designers designed them in a manner comparable to that hip-end tents. You may also exercise your creative side with frame tents by affixing wood paneling to the poles of the interior structure. Or, try various drapery methods to provide a more contemporary appearance and match the wedding theme correctly.

7. The personalized decor is a good idea if you're planning an unforgettable tented wedding

All the details and fancy decor are excellent additions. But, none of that makes the wedding unforgettable. Love does. That day is all about you and your significant other, and you should celebrate it by incorporating things that matter in your relationship into venue design. You can dedicate one part of the tent to show off some little things that are important to you as a couple. For example, frame your song and put it on a table with those cupcakes you ordered on a first date. That will definitely be something to remember. Also, since those are all the memories you want to keep, it might be a good idea to contact storage professionals and rent a place to keep them safe. So if you were wondering how to store wedding memorabilia, consider placing them in one of the storage units.

A corner in a wedding venue.

A corner of your wedding venue dedicated to you and your partner’s relationship will make everyone tear up.

Final thoughts

Having a tented wedding is a two-edged sword. It can be the most fantastic fairytale experience if done right. But it can also become the worst nightmare if you're not careful. However, if you apply these seven hacks for planning an unforgettable wedding – don't worry; you'll be safe. We provided you with expert experience on what to do and avoid. Now it's your time to get creative and make your wedding the event you and all your friends and family will remember for the rest of your lives. 

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