How to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Dinner Party
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Here’s a key thing to know about throwing a successful holiday dinner party: no matter how it turns out in your eyes, your guests are going to see the effort you put into it and be grateful for all of your thoughtfulness. Even with that in mind, planning a holiday get-together can put the pressure on. Our tips will help you keep your stress at bay from start to finish.

Keep it simple, and stay organized

As with most things in life, when hosting a dinner party, it’s better to do a few things really well than to do a lot of things mediocrely. When planning your dinner and activity itinerary, don’t be overly ambitious, and keep yourself organized with handy checklists and timelines.

Holiday Party-Planning Timeline

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Don’t start your cooking too late

The sooner you can begin the prepping and cooking process, the better. The good thing about dinner parties is that you can actually make a lot of dishes in whole or in part ahead of time, or you can break out the slow cooker and Instant Pot to make life simple on the big day.

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Accommodate dietary restrictions

You probably can’t accommodate every little desire of each guest, but you should ask everyone who RSVPs if they have any special dietary restrictions. There are lots of delicious and simple recipes that will give every attendee something delicious to eat.

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Don’t forget the decor

When it comes to decorating, don’t forget that your biggest resource is the internet. Sites like Pinterest are your friend for providing inspiration, or check out some of our favorite holiday decor ideas. 

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One final tip: it’s your dinner party too, so enjoy it! When we host, we often forget to take a seat and enjoy the fruits of our own labor, but it’s truly an essential way to make sure your party is stress-free.

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