Sunflower Inspiration
Inspired by Sunflowers

Sunflower Inspiration


As the days get colder and longer, you may be craving some sunshine to brighten up your fall wedding day. The solution? Add some color to your wedding bouquet by choosing a sunny sunflower as your focus.


No matter your style, FTD has a sunflower wedding bouquet that will add some brilliant color to your big day. From rustic wildflower combinations, to more modern and elegant rose and sunflower bouquets, there is sure to be one for you.


These bouquets combine cheerful colors of summer with deeper fall tones, making them easy to pair with all your fall wedding decor. Browse through the themed bouquets to find your favorite!


If you are highlighting tones of violet, blush or apricot as your wedding colors, this vibrant sunflower wedding bouquet is your answer. Keep the rest of your decor neutral and this bouquet will be sure to pop. The color pallet in this bouquet will also allow a variety of options for your bridesmaids dresses.

Featured florals:

Sea Holly – Sea holly is unique in color and in texture. It features a cone shape with tiny flowers and leaves that spike out from its base. Sea holly plants are tolerant of harsh conditions, so they can be found in many climates.

Astilbe – Astilbe is a summer flower that has tall and feathery blooms. This flower can be used as a filler or sprinkled throughout the bouquet. Its blush color will match most pink-toned color schemes.

Freesia – Native to South Africa, the Freesia flower is often used in wedding bouquets because of its long-lasting nature. It also comes in a variety of colors. Match a purple freesia with the violet sea holly or create a bright contrast with an orange hue.

For a simple sunflower bouquet, create a base of greenery and let the sunflower be the star of the show. Add in one or two other vibrantly-colored flowers that have a unique texture to create dimension. If you are drawn towards deep fuschias, this bouquet is perfect for you.

Featured florals:

  • Dahlia – Dahlias are a summer flower that grow in a rainbow of colors. The blooms vary in size from two inches to ten inches. These medium-sized fuchsia dahlias are the perfect contrast for a bold sunflower.

  • Gerbera Daisy – Sunflowers and daisies are a popular choice when it comes to simple bouquets. The gerbera daisy is known for its cheery coloring and variety of colors. These flowers are bred for their distinct shape and unique coloring, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your bouquet.

  • Hypericum Berries –Hypericum berries are commonly seen in bridal bouquets and boutonnieres due to their versatility. The berry varieties come in both red and green hues. The green blends perfectly with the filler greenery, while still adding a unique touch.

An elegant way to display sunflowers in your bouquet is by including roses by their side. This modern take on a sunflower and rose bouquet has an eclectic collection of blooms that will be sure to stand out.

Featured florals:

  • Rose – Roses are known as the flowers of love and romance. Many choose to include pink roses in their bouquet because they symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration and joy. Although we are accustomed to seeing tea roses, there are many types of roses to choose from, depending on your style.

  • Green Button Pom – The button pom is in season year round, making it a good choice for a filler flower. Button poms are also known by their botanical name of Chrysanthemum. They come in a variety of colors such as white, purple, yellow and green.

  • Amaranthus – Also known as the flaming fountain, amaranthus has a distinct color and shape that sets it apart. Its tiny maroon flowers cascade downward in a beautiful display. When dried, amaranthus turns a golden amber color.

A wedding shouldn’t be a solemn or tense affair. Keep the mood light with a colorful and playful bouquet. Pops of violet purple, periwinkle blue and honey yellow will remind you of the bright future you have ahead of you.

Featured florals:

  • Delphinium – Delphinium flowers grow in clusters on tall stems and are recognized by their brilliant blue color. They are a summer bloom, the blue and purple hues coming to life as soon a the weather starts warming up. This flower is the perfect “something blue” for your summer wedding bouquet.

  • Globe Amaranth – Globe amaranth is a flower that blooms from early summer into the fall. Its petals are stacked in an oval shape. The globe amaranth can grow from six to 12 inches tall and is easily cut for bouquets.

  • Teddy Bear Sunflower – Why not pair your traditional sunflower with a bloom in the same family? The teddy bear sunflower has a smaller green center and hundreds of yellow and orange hued little petals.

Now that you’ve found your Prince Charming, it’s time to celebrate your love with a wedding fit for a princess. This charming and feminine bouquet will highlight your softer side, while still including vibrant colors.

Featured florals:

  • Zinnia – Zinnia flowers have a long stem, making them ideal for vases and bouquets. They come in every color except blue and add stunning texture to a bouquet with their layered petals. This pink variety contains tiny yellow flowers at its center that match the yellow of the sunflower.

  • Billy Button –Compliment the featured sunflowers by including other, smaller yellow blooms. Billy buttons have a spherical shape and bloom year round. Their availability and decorative nature make them a popular choice for floral arrangements.

  • Scabiosa – Scabiosa, also known as pincushions, come in soft purples and whites. They have dainty petals and a center that resembles a pin cushion. This delicate bloom is a good neutral color to add to your bouquet.

For a rustic and down-to-earth backyard wedding, create a bouquet of hand-picked blooms. Make the sunflower the centerpiece by surrounding it with other textured, darker blooms. This refined wildflower bouquet will depict the color and wild nature of your love.

Featured florals:

  • Bleeding Heart – This spring-blooming flower is known for its unmistakable shape. Its bloom depicts a heart with a drop of blood falling from it. This pink flower, meaning romantic love, will add height and character to your bouquet.

  • Allium – Allium, or the ornamental onion, produces a bulb-shaped flower. Depending on the variety, it produces purple, blue or white flowers in late spring into early summer. The medium-sized blooms add to the bouquet without taking the spotlight from the sunflower.

  • Spray Rose –Spray roses are known for their shorter stems, so it’s suggested to just sprinkle a few throughout the bouquet, rather than making them the focal point. Spray roses have smaller blooms than other rose varieties, but including a bright color like a burnt orange will ensure that it won’t get hidden among the other, larger blooms.

Inspired to include sunflowers into your wedding bouquet? Check out FTD’ s sunflower bouquet selection to find the perfect match for your occasion.


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